Success and excellence is all about doing the right thing at the right time. Experience and business logic make all the difference and we are there to offer you support.


We have some special crieteria that will help you

Rich Hands-on Experience

Our team of consultants provide a blend of academic and hand-on managerial experience. Knowledge and actioning is the ideal fit that we offer.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our constant endeavor is to take up business and strategic solution with a keen eye on essentiality and costs. Lavish solutions in today’s competitive environment eat into already thinning margins.

Consultancy that becomes one with Client as an integral partner.

Once associated, our team members makes themselves as an integral part of the entity we are working with and ensure this enables providing the best possible solutions by stepping into the shoes of the clients.


We offer some awesome features that will help you

Basing solutions with an eye on best practices in the industry.

We put together data, case studies as well as experience of the specific industry both domestic as well as international in supporting our clients.

Proactive Effective Communication

Our consultants are available 24x7 and are very accessible and always available to support the client organization.

The Strategy is to look at long term comprehensive solutions.

An important feature is to appreciate the big picture and suggest comprehensive solutions after taking a 360 degree view and ensuring that benefits are not marred by other deficiencies creping in.


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Conceptualising and creating, from the drawing board to implementing, services cover recruiting and other resourcing methodologies, developing Competence, building processes, systems, policies and all other linked activities.


A quantum jump is visible all over the world with shrinking Offices, margins constantly diminishing and Information technology taking over activities with virtual and digitised interfacing being the future.


Creating business synergies through collaborations, linkages, agreements and marketing arrangements is the key focus when we link up with an enterprise or business entity.


A process of aligning product positioning with customer needs that ensures, he will actually buy and used the product.


The objective is to identify lines of new business as well as diversification of forward and backward integration for growth. We support customers to capitalise and tap opportunities presented by the environment.


We work to help cope, adapt and build skills to get through a predicament faced by the entrepreneur or a particular business.


A consulting firm provides feedback and actionable strategies to companies to improve their efficiency or effectiveness in specific areas. Companies may hire a consulting firm when they need advice or direction.

On being approached the essential steps are as follows:

  • Understanding the org and internalizing its structural, functional and other pertinent details.
  • Validating the issue the organization/ client wants addressed and based on analysis arriving at the root cause.
  • Carrying out a diagnostic study to include obtaining views of the members of the organization discreetly, study of empirical evidence and data and understanding the top management view points.
  • Preparation of a mitigation plan based on the diagnostic study.
  • Sharing in confidence the mitigation plan with top management to obtain their buy-in.
  • Finalization of implementation plan and embarking upon introducing the same along with the client organization team.
  • Evaluation and follow-up as may be necessary.

A number of factors influence the fees that we charge like the scope of work & our experience. Our consulting fees are based on the value of our work.

A consultant may be hired either on project basis or on retainer ship basis. For project based hiring we receive an agreed upon fee for work on a project completed by a specified date. We provide tailor made packages to our clients and therefore, we determine the project fees by estimating the level of skills of the consultants required and number of hours it will take to complete the project, multiplied by their  hourly rate. The preferred payment terms are that a percentage of the fee be paid when the business signs the contract and then on reaching specified or agreed upon milestones. Consultants on a retainer basis receive a set monthly fee, wherein our Consultant will be available for a specified number of hours to our client.

There are three basic stages that are involved when you are thinking of opening a firm in India—an entry strategy, an implementation phase, and then a growth and expansion strategy.

Consultancy firms like Actuate, help global players who are new in the Indian market with these stages of setting up a business. The consultancy services provided by this firm include:

  1. Setting up an entry-level strategy: Actuate explores the market on behalf of their clients.
  2. There is an in-depth analysis of the current and future opportunities, the level of competition that the client might face, government regulations, demand and supply gaps and in general the business culture.
  3. Implementation assistance: once the market survey is done Actuate helps its clients to start the business in India by providing a holistic business strategy.
  4. Expansion strategy: once the business is set up, Actuate helps in formulating the expansion and growth strategy by identifying revenue-enhancing opportunities, improving profitability and expanding sales and distribution network.


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