Product sourcing and Development.
Market studies, market exploration and opportunity analysis
Strategic market planning and execution from guiding Product–Market decisions to complete range of market/ Brand development initiatives.
Marketing and promotion of specialized products and services (patented software or hi-tech products) on behalf of identified corporate clients.
Event management and Public relations.
General areas of activity
Enterprise management services & support
Marketing and product linked services
Credentials and Expertise (FMCG) Our Consultant has over
Experience in brand development. 22 in India -Tea & coffee - Brooke Bond group. 11 in Middle East - biggest multi-category Food brand development. Hands on experience, problems in search for ‘competitive advantage’ when driving over 15 key product categories against world brands.
Canned Milk Nido, Carnation, Klim, Anchor, Rainbow, nOldenberger
Tomato Ketchup Maggi, Libbys, Kimball, Hunts, Monarc
Tuna Bumble Bee, John West,Geisha, Monarch,Awal,Family
Cake Mixes Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Robin hood
Pasta Buitoni, Barilla, Spigadora, Maltagliati, Panzani
Mayonnaise Hellman, Kraft, Nalley, Heinz, Monarch
Chicken Bouillon Maggi, Knorr
Preserves/ Jams Hero, Lipton, Tova, Robertsons, St Dalfour,Smuckers, Maling,
Breakfast drink Tang, Foster Clark, Coop
Experience in coping entry barriers, price wars, franchise protection promotions, retailer blocking schemes, display buy-outs etc
Lessons from experience
Survival of the shrewdest
out-thinking rivals in strategy and action plan.
Multinationals making strategic entry after careful study and working game plan e.g
Personal Care/ Skin care :
Long term franchise development aimed at achieving potential dominance.
Own office driving comprehensive strategy
Excellent product - market matching
High impact advertising where required
Dairy / Cheese
Cautious entry, exploring their way
Carefully committing funds in mainline media
Strategy to develop a franchise in the Cheese triangles, their strongest segment which is sustainable long term
Mass use items ( Atta, Rice, Suji (Semolina), Salt )
Cargill Foods franchise development under ‘Nature Fresh’ brand
Focus on mass volume products, some with low margins
Offer the best possible packaging for keeping quality
Develop the franchise under Nature Fresh brand Cooking oils, Peas etc
Conagra (Agro Tech Industries)
Entry in high volume categories through acquisition
Also developing brand ‘Healthy World’ for peas and other basic categories
Criterion for Strategic Alignments
Target core, mass consumption, volume category
Stable and long-term viable potential
Competitive advantage sustainable over next 10-15 years
Avoid pitching headlong against major multinationals with better advantage financial or otherwise.
Investment into area like Diary should be sustainable years with or without up-gradation of technology.
Opportunity Categories
Natural juices, concentrates, Drinks
Cooking oil
Culinary aids
Soaps and personal wash
Household utility
What can we offer you?
Can complement and reinforce your own deliberations on strategic opportunity analysis & planning
One contact for 15 major Food categories development and insights
Hands on experience of driving brands in acute competitive conditions; can prevent avoidable and expensive mishaps.
Assist in drawing on the resources of overseas consultants whether for sourcing or alignments, joint ventures