An essential ingredient for an effective organization is to change in accordance with the demands of the changing environment. Those who anticipate change inherit the future. Traditional methods of gaining a competitive edge are fast becoming widespread therefore organizations in order to differentiate themselves need to be creative, farsighted and bring into practice progressive & modernized approaches in business. A prompt and a quick response to each situation provide the much-desired cutting edge.

All endeavors depend upon people and success of an organization depends primarily on the abilities, skills, knowledge and efficiency of its HUMAN RESOURCE. This highly elastic resource with unlimited potential, if provided the right direction, knows no boundaries to its contribution. Harnessing this latent potential requires thoughtful handling and continual upgrading. Thus, meaningful and focused TRAINING with an environment for promoting Human Resource Development is the key to being successful.

This is the area where we have carved out a place for ourselves at actuate, we help in gaining this advantage by offering support not only in identifying & providing Training but also in taking up other multiple faceted initiatives. We offer a customized approach to meet the client’s objectives and assign measurable goals in terms of business results. We work towards Organizational Effectiveness by:
Getting the right people.
Getting people working in the right direction.
Getting people's commitment to the basic purpose.
We follow a flexible, innovative and objective approach and offer a complete range of services. This is made significant by building an appropriate focus on areas having a bearing on results after in-depth diagnostic work. Some such interventions are:
Absolving client’s specialist functions by outsourcing of the HRM function.
Providing suitable manpower and adequately build up their skills to work as dedicated and competent specialized employees.
Organizational development through strategic HR interventions.
Identifying training needs & providing specialized training to the top, middle & first level managers as well as other supporting positions.
Covering the whole gamut of Human Resource Management function, actuate provides solutions to suit each requirement spanning Organizational as well as behavioral issues
Attaining organizational effectiveness through a conducive environment and a learning experience that enables enhancement of individual efficiency is our key focus. The performance improvement and growth are systematically worked upon through:
Crucial to every organization Competence plays the vital role in ensuring satisfactory fulfillment of Targets. We endeavor to provide to our clients most appropriate systems and selection strategies for organizational enrichment. Some methods utilized are: :
Selection methodologies, Executive Searches Placements and Manpower Sourcing.

One of the most important functions of an organization to prosper is to have the right FIT of its manpower. We specialize in Executive Search, Selection, both Technical as well as Managerial. Sourcing and placement of IT manpower has recently been one of the major areas of achievement. We also provide inputs to the candidates in the following areas:
As a powerful tool in one to one communication, today it is utilized effectively to guide individuals, sometimes termed as mentoring, coaching or guiding. We have the abilities and experience to put this tool to effective benefit in situations of takeovers, mergers, amalgamations, and acquisitions and even in case of right sizing. Matters of Discipline needing counseling inputs to resolve habitual absenteeism and other social problems are focused on through this area of support. The exit route also can well be smoothened for individuals by guiding them in finding right jobs. Individuals referred for counseling benefit from a confidential, supportive service that is able to respond to a variety of issues including:
Learning to improve performance on the job has major contribution to organizational success. We place our concern on the identification of training based on the analysis of job performance data obtained from experts in the job to be performed.
Our faculty represents a unique blend of academicians, successful practicing managers and professional consultants / trainers. This academic proficiency and practical experience forms the essence of our programs. Our faculties have had the opportunity to be trained in modern training methodologies in the UK and other countries. Some of them possess accreditations and licenses for certain patented programs of training organizations and societies from all over the world. We specialize in the area of::
Even though we believe that each Training solution has to be well thought out and tailor made to the specific requirements of each organization and set of individuals we do have some standard programs as well.
Enhancing managerial effectiveness – designed for executives required to take up higher responsibilities on promotion to top management positions.
Effective management – designed for middle level managers with high potential to prepare them for taking higher responsibilities.
Action Centered Leadership – designed for middle and senior level executives to help them be effective leaders, develops skills in building and maintaining a winning team, develop and utilize individuals and build realistic action plans.
Micro Planning – designed for middle level managers responsible for planning.
Communication – designed for middle and senior level executives. The objectives are to understand communication process, develop an effective communication system and improve skills for effective communications.
Presentation Skills - To provide inputs in being able to carry out formal presentations and an opportunity to practice the same as well as effective use of Equipments etc.
Training of Training Officers - To understand and implement Systematic approach to training and link it to Organizational needs as well as Individual requirements.
Training for occasional trainers - Provides Instructional Techniques and understanding of appropriate learning methods
Team building and total teamwork - Organizational Success is dependent upon synergies that the teams are able to generate and work together to common clearly defined objectives. This experience supports both understanding Leadership as well as how to be a good team member.
Appraising performance - A very effective tool for promoting learning, self development and evaluation of performance needs to be understood properly for benefits for all.
Strategic Management Helps create insight into managing complex and challenging situations and finding appropriate interventions in today’s dynamic environment.
Tasks & Target Setting Clarity to what has to be done through a systematic approach that helps set challenging, realistic and quantifiable targets is the area of focus in this program.
Problem Solving & Creativity Provides participants to understand problems, get to their root cause and create effective solutions.
HR for non- HR / Line Managers: Today every manager is an HR Manager in terms of building up relations with the co-workers and their subordinates. Therefore it is important for such Managers to have a practical understanding of how things should work on behavioral front.
Negotiation Skills: In this competitive world, it is very important to know ones true worth and be able communicate the same in a manner which is most acceptable to others. Negotiation skill is thus all about immerging out as a winner in any situation.
Consultancy Skills: This is an exclusive skill building program which entails personal development in order to capture ones real potential. This potential can be leveraged to tap business opportunities.
Customer Relationship Management: In the service industry where, Customer is the King, understanding his requirement and being able to provide the best of services to the same is important. Therefore this program deals with the prerequisites for the concept of CRM.
actuate’ Placement Services
Organizations are what its Human Resource makes it to be. All endeavors depend upon people and success of an organization depends primarily on the abilities, skills, knowledge and efficiency of its HUMAN RESOURCE. This highly elastic resource with unlimited potential, if identified properly and placed on the right job, knows no boundaries to its contribution. Harnessing this latent potential requires thoughtful selection, based on translating the job requirement into appropriate skill/competence sets. Thus, meaningful and focused MANPOWER IDENTIFICATION with an environment for promoting Human Resource Development is the key to being successful. Appropriate placement being an Integral Part of Successful Organizations requires precise selection processes/ tools and expert recruiters to match the accomplishments of the candidates to requirements of the job.

This process of recruiting is indeed a time consuming one. In addition the costs that go with it and the efforts apart from strategies for successful recruiting all add up to not only displacing the normal organizational working but also entail maintaining expertise of a very high order for the right selection. In today’s competitive and dynamic environment success and growth require all attention of an organization to be focused on the core activities. We as placement consultants come in as an extended arm to our clients in meeting these specialized needs and letting them focus on the core activities as well as not carry the burden of unnecessary manpower to perform jobs that can effectively be outsourced to competent partners.

To facilitate the above, we at actuate involve experts in their respective fields for consultation. Our experts create and finalize with the clients’ approval the most appropriate profile of personal attributes, competence and skill sets for the position. The job responsibilities are prime focus in finalizing the profile required. We then locate people fulfilling the requirements and put them through rigorous tests to establish their suitability, thus providing our clients with the most suitable selection. We also advise the clients on prevailing compensation packages and methodology of appointment / terms & conditions of engagement.

Special Practices actuate’s Team Adopts For Placements
The Placement service offered by actuate caters to all management levels and functional specializations, right from the entry level to the top management positions. Our capabilities also extend to providing semi skilled and skilled personnel in case the clients needs so require. Keeping in view the difference in the profiles of the various levels, the methods used in sourcing and short-listing is different for each level and specialization. The process for all levels follows a scientific approach and involves a comprehensive understanding of the clients' as well as the candidates' needs.

An essential prerequisite to all recruitment is a close study of the Work process and the Job requirement. These are then translated into skill and competence sets and finally into the qualification/experience requirement most appropriate to fulfilment of the Job responsibilities and expected targets and results to be achieved. Besides, the client organization’s culture, environment as well as the existing compensation packages are taken into account in arriving at the ideal profile required. Having clarity of the attributes required in the incumbent we also match another very important aspect, that of identifying the individual aspirations and values before recommending a candidate for selection.

Another important dimension of selection is not only gauging the skill and competence fit but looking at the interpersonal adjustability. This factor is not only important for maintaining the existing equilibrium but also for the induction being long lasting. A frequent exit displaces work and efficiency as well as adds to avoidable costs and expenditure. Each new induction brings with it risks of a host of problems. Apart from acclimatization, managerial and leadership skills do make a difference in building and maintaining a winning team and frequent exists take a toll in disturbing organizational harmony.

We have detailed process for recruiting and short listing of human assets and varied appropriate modifications are designed linked to the level and specialization. These processes are suitably modified and adapted to the organizations needs as well as the Job slot in question as also the availability of experienced persons of that profile. Our consultants understand and appreciate that, strategies and methodologies of recruitment need different handling for Senior Management, Middle and Junior Management as well as for different industries and locations.

Having years of experience we are also able to visualize and recommend methods and strategies for appointment, terms of employment contracts as also provide advisory services for creation of realistic compensation packages that will attract the best candidates and ensure their retention.

We achieve success in optimizing satisfaction for both the organization and the individual by creating an appreciation of objectives of each in the other so that no discord is allowed to set into the employer – employee relationship. To individuals we chart and facilitate the taking up of a career that has enough in store to meet the personal and psychological needs. On the other hand to organizations we sell a package of services that includes the placement as a human resource that would efficiently contribute to the fulfillment and realization of the Goals of the Company and mesh in well with organizational fabric.

IS your Project Work being hindered by want of manpower for short-term assignments?

IS your performance suffering due to your attention and time being spent on non-core activities ?

IS it possible to cut costs by contracting out some activities ?
HIRING of experienced qualified professionals for limited tenures can be tough – Good workers are never attracted to such short-term opportunities.

WE service short-term manpower needs.

WE take upon ourselves to get your assignments completed and Project fulfilled by providing you adequate qualified manpower at your work site or carry out the same off shore i.e. at our office.
Avail of our support:
Predetermined manpower supply of desired skill/competence profiles..
Round the clock manning without breaks..
Services both at site and off site.
Assignment linked manpower arrangements.
Special skills made available for short time spans.
Project based support with diverse services packaged together.
Job work assignments.